Other members of the family

Charles Frédéric O'Kelly (1830-1897)

Charles Frédéric O'Kelly

Born Boulogne-sur-mer, 17 November 1830; died Boulogne-sur-mer, 18 October 1897.

Charles was the third-born son of Joseph Kelly (or O'Kelly senior), brother of Joseph, Auguste, and George. He did not become a musician. In 1852 he joined the company Blanzy Poure & Cie., a company founded in 1846 to import steel pen nibs from England. He was instrumental in transforming the company from an importing to a producing company and became managing director after Blanzy's death in 1867. For decades, Blanzy Poure was a household name in France for high-quality steel pen nibs, and O'Kelly - along with other English technicians and machinists - lay the founding stone to this success. Long after his death, in 1945, the company merged with the (British) Gilbert Pencil Co. to become "Gilbert & Blanzy Poure". In 1960 followed another merger with Conté to form "Blanzy-Conté-Gilbert". This was acquired in 1979 by BIC.



The headstone to the grave of Gustave Alfred O'Kelly (the cross broke off and has been put behind the stone)

Gustave Alfred O'Kelly

Born Paris, 10 September 1841; died Boulogne-sur-mer, 25 December 1870.

Hardly anything is known about this fifth, rather late-born son to the immigrant Joseph (O')Kelly. He was born when the family already lived in Paris. He returned to live and work in Boulogne as a "caissier" and died as a bachelor aged 29. His grave is on the Cimetière de l'Est, the historic gravesite of Boulogne.