On this website I am giving insights into my musicological activities – mainly devoted to the research of Irish musical history. I am active in this area since my academic year in Dublin, way back in 1987–8.


Another field of interest which is regaining significance for me is the history of the classical guitar – my instrument for some 40 years now. In fact, my very first academic articles in the early 1990s were devoted to the guitar.


Have a look around - and if you have a question let me know.

Last 5 updates (scroll down for NEWS)

27 February 2017: Added titles of two papers I am presenting at the Lake Konstanz Guitar Research Meeting in March. Also, after having deleted my academia.edu account, installed a visitors counter at the bottom of this page.


29 November 2016: Announcing a new book project that I will be working on in the next few years (after others are completed): Six 19th-century German guitar composers.


23 November 2016: Wrote a little piece in commemoration of Swan Hennessy (1866–1929).


8 November 2016: Added the news (below) about my interviews with the 'Irish Examiner' and RTÉ's Arena Arts Show.


2 September 2016: Received my copy of Michael Dervan's The Invisible Art. A Century of Music in Ireland, 1916–2016, with my article 'No State for Music' on pp. 46–68; see Articles.



Dublin, April 2016, on the occasion of being awarded Corresponding Membership of the Society for Musicology in Ireland (SMI), with Dr Kerry Houston (left) and Dr Lorraine Byrne Bodley (right), former and current President of the SMI (photo: Conor Mulhern)


November 2016: Returned from some exciting days in Ireland in relation to my research on the Irish-American composer Swan Hennessy (1866–1929): First, an interview with the 'Irish Examiner' (31 October), see online here; second, a live interview on RTÉ Radio 1's ARENA Arts Show (3 November), listen to podcast here; third, a pre-concert talk on Hennessy's String Quartet No. 2, Op. 49 (1920) at Triskel Arts Centre, Cork (5 November).


August 2016: I wrote programme notes for eight concerts in week 1 of the three week festival 'Composing the Island' in the National Concert Hall, Dublin, in September.


November 2015: I was elected a Corresponding Member of the Society for Musicology in Ireland.


April 2015: I was made a Research Associate of the Research Foundation for Music in Ireland, housed at the DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama, Dublin.


September 2014: My O'Kelly book was featured in the blog of the American Musicological Society where it was welcomed for its "newfangled, dare we suggest paradigmatic?, ways Klein's book was researched and published". See for yourself here.


May 2014: My new book has appeared in print and as an e-book: O'Kelly - An Irish Musical Family in Nineteenth-Century France (Norderstedt: BoD, 2014).


March 2014: I was involved in a rare Saint Patrick's Day event in Frankfurt, Germany, where the Junge Sinfoniker Frankfurt played early Irish music by John Sigismond Cousser (1660-1727), Matthew Dubourg (1703-1767), Thomas Augustine Geary (1775-1801) and Paul Alday (1763-1835). I suggested some of this repertory and helped to find some of the scores.


March 2013: I received seven (!) original scores of piano music by Joseph O'Kelly from the antiquarian music seller Philippe Cabarat. They are Reverie d'automne op. 12 (1857), Au bord de la mer op. 19 (1860), La Bruyère op. 22 (1862), La Noce de village op. 34 (1868), La Retraite op. 35 (1868), Au bal op. 51 (1875), and À l'aventure op. 65 (1884). Earlier this month my collection was also enhanced by some pieces I received from England. Among them were a song by Michael Kelly: In the Rough Blast Heaves the Billow (c1802) and John Field's Rondeaux No. II (c1817).


January 2013: A 6-part broadcast series at Irish radio station RTÉ Lyric FM called "Women of Note" is downloadable from the station's website. It was broadcast between September and December 2012. You can hear me in each of the six parts, as I was interviewed for it last year in Frankfurt.


November 2012: Received a rare copy of the very first piano composition by George O'Kelly, the Nocturne from Deux Pensées Charactéristiques published 1853 in Boulogne-sur-mer (from the antiquarian dealer Paul van Kuik).


September 2012: I was the first musicologist to have looked through the sheet music collection of the Princess Grace Irish Library in Monaco. In this capacity I was asked to write a short assessment of the collection to be archived together with the music.


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