Irish Classical Recordings: A Discography

UNDER CONSTRUCTION! I am constantly adding entries in the left hand menu.


Here I am going to present an update to my book Irish Classical Recordings -
A Discography of Irish Art Music
, published in 2001 by Greenwood Press, Westport, Connecticut. Since the discographies series at Greenwood was discontinued and Greenwood slipped under the umbrella of ABC-Clio, no revised edition will ever appear in print. Furthermore I was granted permission by Greenwood to publish an update on the web.

I am not going to reproduce the introductory parts and the index of the book here, just the composers and recordings sections. The purpose is to give an overview of all published commercial recordings of Irish art music since the mono-LP age. It's sorted after composer. Within a composer's page recorded pieces are given in chronological order of the date of composition (or opus numbers, in some cases). In due course I will try to give links from an entry to the relevant page on a recording company's website. But this needs time. Clearly, the priority is the listing itself.

Use it as a shopping guide for Irish classical music (try Ebay for LPs and older CDs).