The following are reviews I wrote about the work of others. If not linked to the source I will in due course add pdfs of these articles. The list is in reverse chronological order.



Peter Dickinson (ed.), Chamber Music (James Joyce). Thirty-two Songs for High Voice and Piano by G. Molyneux Palmer (Tewkesbury: Goodmusic Publishing, 2020) and James Joyce’s Favourite Songs: Chamber Music / The Joyce Book; Martyn Hill, tenor & Peter Dickinson, piano (Chamber Music); Meriel Dickinson, mezzo & Peter Dickinson, piano (Joyce Book) (CD, Heritage Records HTGCD 175, 2020)

in: Journal of the Society for Musicology in Ireland, vol. 18 (2023), 3–9.


Ita Beausang & Séamas de Barra, Ina Boyle (1889–1967). A Composer's Life (Cork: Cork University Press, 2018)

in: Sound Post, autumn 2018, p. 13.


Andreas Pernpeintner, Aloys Georg Fleischmann (1880–1964). Musikalische Mikrogeschichte zwischen Deutschland und Irland (Tutzing: Hans Schneider, 2014)

in: Musik in Bayern. Jahrbuch der Gesellschaft für Bayerische Musikgeschichte, vol. 79-80 (2014-5), Munich, Aug. 2016, pp. 277-282. Direct download starts here.


Jeremy Dibble, Michele Esposito (Dublin: Field Day, 2010)

in: JSMI - Journal of the Society for Musicology in Ireland, vol. 6 (2010-11), pp. 61-65

Free pdf download here (pdf opens).


Dorothea E. Hast, Stanley Scott: Music in Ireland - Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture (New York: Oxford University Press, 2004)

in: Music & Letters, vol. 86 (2005) no. 2, pp. 274-275

Webpage here (paid download neccessary).


Raymond Deane, Orchestral Music (Marco Polo 8.225106, 1999) and Raymond Deane, Seachanges (Black Box Music BBM 1014, 2000) (CD-review)

in: Journal of Music in Ireland, March/April 2001, pp. 27-28

Free download here.


P.F. Devine & H. White (ed.): Irish Musical Studies 4 + 5: The Maynooth International Musicological Conference. Selected Proceedings", Part One + Two (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 1996)

in: Die Musikforschung vol. 54 (1999) no. 1, p. 141


G. Gillen / H. White (ed.): Irish Musical Studies vol. 2: Music and the Church (Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 1993)

in: Die Musikforschung vol. 48 (1993) no. 4, pp. 428-429


G. Gillen / H. White (ed.): Irish Musical Studies vol. 1: Musicology in Ireland (Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 1990)

in: Die Musikforschung vol. 47 (1992) 2, pp. 179-180


W.H. Grindle: Irish Cathedral Music (Belfast: Institute of Irish Studies, 1989)

in: Musik und Kirche vol. 63 (1991) March-April, pp. 97-98


Brian Boydell: A Dublin Musical Calendar 1700-1760 (Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 1988)

in: Neue Zeitschrift für Musik vol. 151 (1990) December, pp. 49-50