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Oxford Bibliographies Online (OBO) Music

For this internet publication for the American wing of Oxford University Press I completed the article 'Ireland' in late February 2015. It should appear some time in 2015. See here for their website.




Since the summer of 2014, I have been creating and editing pages for the English-language version of Wikipedia. Wikipedia is notoriously bad on composers, and although I don't like the idea of many people writing 'into' my work, it must be acknowledged that for an initial search on a musician's name, Wikipedia always comes up first. Thus, there is no alternative to improving Wikipedia!


Pages created:

Michael Bowles (1909–1998)

John Buckley (b. 1951)

Thomas O'Brien Butler (1861–1915)

(Charles) Thomas Carter (c.1735–1804)

Thomas Carter (1769–1800)

Rhona Clarke (b. 1958)

Philip Cogan (1750–1833)

Thomas Simpson Cooke (1782–1848)

Thomas Augustine Geary (1775–1801)

John William Glover (1815–1899)

Wellington Guernsey (1817–1885)

William Henry Kearns (1794–1846)

T.C. Kelly (1917–1985)

Paul McSwiney (1856–1890)

Peter K. Moran (1767–1831)

Vincent O'Brien (1871–1948)

Auguste O'Kelly (1829–1900)

George O'Kelly (1831–1914)

Henri O'Kelly (1859–1938)

Joseph O'Kelly (1828–1885)

Arthur O'Leary (1834–1919)

Geoffrey Molyneux Palmer (1882–1957)

Joseph Robinson (1815–1898)

Robert Prescott Stewart (1825–1894)


Pages substantially edited (added work-lists, bibliographies, recordings, and often substantial biographical details as well). Not listed below are a large number of small editorial changes on other pages):

Seóirse Bodley (b. 1933) | Charles Coffey († 1745) | Rhoda Coghill (1903–2000) | Raymond Deane (b. 1953) | Michele Esposito (1855–1929) | W.H. Grattan Flood (1859–1928) | Tommaso Giordani (c.1730–1806) | Augusta Holmès (1847–1903) | Fergus Johnston (b. 1959) | James Joyce (1882–1941) | Michael Rophino Lacy (1795–1867) | John F. Larchet (1884–1967) | Johann Bernhard Logier (1777–1846) | Samuel Lover (1797–1868) | James Lynam Molloy (1837–1909) | Music of Ireland –> 'Classical Music of Ireland' | Alicia Adelaide Needham (1863–1945) | Robert O'Dwyer (1862–1949) | Kane O'Hara (c.1711–1782) | Seán Ó Riada (1931–1971) | Annie W. Patterson (1868–1934) | Thomas Roseingrave (c.1690–1766) | George William Torrance (1835–1907) | Joan Trimble (1915–2000) | Joseph Augustine Wade (1796–1845) | Richard Woodward (c.1743–1777)