Here I am listing all articles relating to Irish music which I published since 1990. If I can get hold of (or make) a pdf - and if there is no copyright problem - I will provide downloads. For the time being ask me for a copy for your own research purposes.





An Irish-American in Paris: Swan Hennessy (1866–1929), intended for the peer-reviewed Journal of the Society for Musicology in Ireland (JSMI) (2017–8).


"All her lovely companions are faded and gone" – How 'The Last Rose of Summer' Became Europe's Favourite Irish Melody


Appendix 1: Utilisations of "The Last Rose of Summer," respectively 'The Groves of Blarney,' by European Composers in the Nineteenth Century, in Chronological Order,

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Joseph O'Kelly (1828-1885) and the 'Slings and Arrows of Fortune', in: Études Irlandaises 39.1 (2014), 23–39


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Redefining 'Irish Music' in America – Making the Case for Irish Classical Music,

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'"The distant music mournfully murmereth" - The Influence of James Joyce on Irish Composers',

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'Roots and Directions in Twentieth-Century Irish Art Music'


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'"Aber was ist heute schon noch abenteuerlich?" – Ein Portrait des irischen Komponisten Seóirse Bodley',

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'Fließende Grenzen – Die irische Musikszene',

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'New Guitar Music from Ireland - A Survey',

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'Großbritannien/Irland: Länder ohne Musik?',

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'Die English Guitar – Vom Hofinstrument zum Klimperkasten',

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'Ulysses als Tenore – James Joyce, der Dichter und seine Sängerkarriere',

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'Irische Nachfolger der Bettleroper, oder, Eine kritische Geschichte des 'größten Gelächters' der Britischen Inseln',

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'"...bis auf den heutigen Tag unfähig?" – Gitarrenmusik aus Irland',

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'"...bei Corelli war er wie verzaubert" – Der irische Harfenist und Komponist Turlough Carolan (1670-1738)',

in: Concerto 7 (1990), April, 13–17