A Short History of Irish Classical Music

Since W.H.G. Flood's A History of Irish Music (1905!) no more recent book on the general history of art music in Ireland has appeared. A possible reason is that today we know so much more about this history that it seems like an insurmountable piece of work.


While such a piece of work is undoubtedly necessary at some point in time, I think there is even more urgent need for a short, concise, comprehensive work covering the field. Something with popular appeal, written in a non-academic style, and with numerous illustrations (of people, of locations, music, etc.), something with 100 to 120 pages. Such a book could perhaps serve as a textbook in secondary schools, and perhaps should be written specifically with this purpose in mind.


As of September 2015, the overview of contents was completed and there is a tentative agreement with a publisher. Writing in March 2017, I would first like to complete my Swan Hennessy biography, then I will begin this project in earnest.